About Mega CMC

Looking back, 16th September 2001 bears historical importance to Mega CMC. That is the day when Mega CMC held the first Sunday celebration, having moved from Taman Mega to Kota Damansara. 15 years had since passed and Mega CMC had witnessed the waves of community development in Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara. Even though the crowds, traffic volume and system is increasing day by day, yet with the grace of God, Mega CMC still exudes the glory of God’s love, shining the community.


God in our heart, Love in our family, Grace in our church, Compassion in our world


To establish a healthy church integrating five purposes of Evangelism, Celebration, Life Group/Fellowship, Discipleship and Ministry

In year 2008, Mega CMC launched EAGLE’s Plan, which is still ongoing.

Enrich Family

• Emphasize on family relations and promote connection between believers and their families

Assist the Needy

• Care for the poor, disabled, sick, jobless, etc.

Grow in God’s Word

• So that non-believers may receive life in Christ
• To enable believers to live by God’s Word through in-depth teaching

Lead and Serve Humbly

• To build servant-like leadership and ministry, mirroring Jesus

Exercise Spiritual Habits

• Being still, scripture reading, prayer, meditation
• Believers’ worshipping and connecting with God
• Committed to tithing
• Building up life group and fellowship, promoting connection among believers

May our heavenly Father continue to shape Mega CMC to be a church after God’s heart and to honour His name in this land.