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HomiG Ministry

This is the marriage and family ministry of Mega Church which provides courses, workshop, training, counselling and information for the people who are in need.

Our Purpose

• Serve and bless our society

• Promote & improve parent-child relationships

• Accompany and listen to those who struggle with difficulties

• Help building a Christian family

• Build Christian spiritual character



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The Committee

Advisors: Rev. Phan, Vincent Lim, Jacob Lee, Tan Ay Zing

Chairman:Esther Lee (Mrs. Ho)

Committee:黄丽蓉(Asst. Chairman), Ryan Lim (Secretary), 曾淑贞, 陈方平, 林宝美, 颜辉文, 纪诗宇, Jacqueline Yu, 李焱, Erica Hew

Pre-marital Counsellors:Mr. & Mrs. Lim Kae Wee , Mr. & Mrs. Loh Kah Chee, Mr. & Mrs. Ps. Ernie Choo, Mr. & Mrs. Tan Ay Zing , Mr. & Mrs. Loo Taw Wong, Esther Lee (Mrs. Ho)

Happy Mother’s Connection person-in-charged:黄丽蓉 & 妃兰

Courses & Activities

• Conduct sex education seminar/courses (School & other churches)

• Parenting Workshop: To build the right values of education in parents & children

• Support Group

a) Watch Group:  To provide a watchman platform for former homosexuals and those who practise homosexuality, accompanying them to walk through the dilemma and providing a venue for growth through counselling.

b) Happy Mothers’ Connection:  To provide a venue for single, full time or working mothers to engage in exchange of ideas, equipping, building up and growing together. There are two classes being held on Thursdays and Saturdays respectively.

Marriage & Family Courses

a) Pre-marital counselling course(18-20 Hours)

b) Post-marital counselling course

o   Unit 1:婚姻讲习班

o   Unit 2:夫妻生活营 – “有你作伴,感觉真好”

o   Unit 3:夫妻关怀营

c)  Marriage counselling 

Sex Education Workshop

• Children Sunday School Sex Education: 4-12 years old

• “青春不害怕”: 13-18 years old

• Say Yes Say No: 19-30 years old