The committee members

Advisors: Rev. Ho Hon Yan, Tan Ay Zing, Jacob Lee, Stephen Cheng, Esther Lee

Chairman: Stephen Cheng

Committee: Chong Yew Foon, Shane Keng, Ng Wei Boon, Esther Kee, Gan Huay Wen, Ting Su Ing , Simon Kong, 黄玉秀, Verlynn Tan, 林玮斌, 杨家俊, Joshua Lim

His Window Chief Editor: Rev. Ho Hon Yan

Executive Editor: Chong Yew Foon

Chinese Proof-read: Shane Keng, Ng Wei Boon, Ting Su Ing, 杨紫玲

English Editor and Proof-read: Stephen Cheng, Lee Hui Tan, Chen Siew Fong, Chen Siew Foon

English Translation: Stephen Cheng, Jacob Lee, Penny Lim

Graphic Design: Alice Tan

Cover Concept & Photography: Simon Kong

His Window Ebook: Joshua Lim

Library: 黄玉秀

Archive Ministry:


1. English Editor

2. Translator, from Chinese to English

3. Brothers & sisters who are passionate in writing and willing to serve in this ministry with long term commitment

Publication and Information Ministry


1. Becoming the bridge between the church & members

2. Becoming the bridge between the churches

3. Becoming the bridge between the church & society


• Publishing and printing ‘HIS WINDOW’, spiritual books, baptism booklets, gospel tracts, Sunday worship bulletins, posters & folders etc.

• To manage the weekly business of the church library

• To manage the books and CDs/DVDs service counter

• To compile and keep record of church’s archive


• All the committee members who serve tirelessly and unreservedly, often sacrifice their night time to attend the monthly meeting.

• Thank God for using ‘His Window’ as a spiritual magazine

• HIS WINDOW being a gospel bridge for believers and non-believers


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