Social Concern Ministry


Looking at the Social Concerns Ministry in terms of the Bible…
The Social Concerns Ministry is
The application of theory and practical
The art of going the extra mile
An act of love, the mission of evangelism
To bring more meaning to life
A commitment to serve
And the expansion of service

The Social Concerns Ministry cannot be a one-man-show; the service of one person cannot bring anything to completion.
God has also taught his people to love one another. This lesson must be shown through outward actions.

The essence of the Social Concerns Ministry is to help members grow in personal spiritual life and biblical knowledge.
It also prepares each person to be like “fishers of men”. Everyone should also be able to persist in their own burdens while serving.

Besides, the Social Concerns Ministry also let us experience the wonderful works of God, in order that our lives would be influential to other people.
It also calls for the people to have perseverance, ambition, and, most importantly, hope.
They should also live lives projecting the love of God towards man, all the while serving whole-heartedly and peacefully within a team.


Visitation to hospital
• A chance to learn to visit hospitals frequently to care for the sick.
• The second Sunday of every month, meet-up time: 11:30-11:45am
• Ways of serving: Comforting, Financial Aid

Christmas Wish
• Blessings to the needy and groups annually:
。Gravely ill children
。The Orang Asli in Pahang

Visitation to old folks’ home
• Calling people with such burdens to join in
• Help church members to exercise their care

Visitation to orphanages
• Take time each month to visit some orphanages for fellowship
• Help 17 orphanages financially with daily expenses and school fees

•Disaster Funds
•Helping the poor

Other new ministries:
Annual carnival

Summary of Social Concerns Ministry

Building up church members
Caring for each other
Serving each other
Carrying out the commandment of loving both God and man


To create a platform for service
To help members follow the commandment to love
To help members gain spiritual growth while serving


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