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One day, I met my friend…

I said : “eh… come for this year’s Christmas Musical ok?”

She replied: “sien lo… every year musical also the same. Always about the same guy…”

I said : “BUT if Christmas we don’t talk about Christ, then we talk about who huh?”

This year’s musical is very much inspired by this particular conversation I had with a friend. Though I was slightly offended by that statement, I can’t help but admit that it’s what non-Christians normally feel about church activities.

Sometimes it is possible that we as Christians get so caught up in our walk with God that we tend to forget how others must feel, because it is simply that easy to be in the fellowship of church members, and enjoy the love and care in God.

But what about those around us? Are we making God relevant to them? Or are we bashing them about with our Bible and telling them “Romans 3:23 – for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” and expect them immediately to “pick up the cross and follow HIM”? That is being just plain naive.When I was a lot younger, I used to question Pastor when my Grandma would become a Christian and go to Jesus. His answer was simple – “all in God’s time”, which brings me to Jesus Moments (J-Moments).

Burning bushes don’t exist anymore (well not literally) hence we have to create moments to share Jesus with people around us. Or we have to learn to recognize the cues which God has planted around us as opportunities to share His love.

Once when I was sick (days of fever no end) and that particular Grandma asked me what she could do to make me feel better, the opportunist that I was turned that into a J-Moment and told her to pray to Jesus for me. She did, and I got better.

If we begin to see more with our hearts, we will begin to experience and celebrate many J-Moments. I thank God each and every day when I think back on the time that I was delayed and did not board the Eurotrain from London to Paris which derailed, or the time that I decided to be a little lazy and stayed on to read a book in the Café instead of being on the street in Soho where a nailbomb went off and many more… (p.s. mom and dad didn’t know about these incidents…)

This Christmas Musical will not be just about Jesus, the child but about the GOD who is almighty (omnipotent), all knowing (omniscient) and always there (omnipresent) and how He is still relevant to all of us today.

It will use popular music (inspired by MamaMia, Les Miserables the musicals) infused with favourite gospel tunes with a good mix of languages “Bahasa Satu Malaysia” to bring us a Love Story within a particular family.

Everything happens for a reason. And with God it’s always good reasons. #jmoment

Excerpt from:His Window Issue 67

Text by Penny Low

(Director of Christmas Musical)

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