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cohesive online community

for spiritual growth

believers to live out their faith

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Mega CMC Online Community — a place where blessings abound and where you, yes YOU, can be a source of blessings to others too!

Are you ready to experience an online community like no other? Welcome to Mega CMC Online Community, the ultimate place for growth and breakthroughs!

Engage relationships with brothers and sisters: Share spiritual insights, faith topics, and celebrate life’s moments together with others through members interactions.

Get closer and know God better: The community provides various resources to help you learn something new every day! This includes daily Bible reading, discipleship courses, Bible study courses, praise & worship to deepen your relationship with God.

Make your faith more practical: Use the rich resources in the community to help you apply your faith in real-life situations. For example in life groups, families, and daily life, especially the 24/7 prayer corner, where you can pray anytime, anywhere for individuals, families, and even the whole world, because we believe in the power of prayer to change lives, anytime, anywhere!

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